Not my usual fare, but something I wrote a few years back. TWO PEOPLE MET ONE NIGHT A man and woman happened to be booked into a hotel in adjoining suites for a gathering. The door that separated their respective dwellings happened to be open, so they exchanged formalities. It…
The 'right to know’ versus that of repression is an age old tug-of-war
Also, celebrating 'Sunshine Week' and the importance of open government and freedom of information
Congresswoman seeks to part of 'a new generation of leaders'
Larger-than-life Michigan governor sought to help the less fortunate
From the military shooting a balloon down over Lake Huron to the mass shooting at Michigan State University
The news seems surreal, but the stories are very real
The moral imperative to take a stand when bigotry rears its ugly head and not turn a blind eye
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